Why Braatz Building?

Let’s face it. Choosing a contractor for your home or commercial project can be challenging. Ultimately you might select a firm based on the sales person you spoke with who provides a great portfolio with a reasonable estimate. And then you end up dealing with everyone BUT that initial contact, and potentially a conglomeration of people who don’t really know you or your needs. What makes Braatz Building so unique from other contractors is that you work with the owners on your project – from start to finish.

Who are the owners?

Alissa Braatz has been the owner of Braatz Building since March 2009 but has been intimately involved with the firm since 2006. With a strong background in marketing, business management, and customer relations, Alissa works to manage the vision of the company, its brand, and to help ensure the customer's experience with Braatz Building is incomparable to other firms.

Andrew Braatz was on a roof working when he was only 5 years old. Under his grandfather’s guidance, who was also a carpenter, he led Andy to learn many of the skills he uses today. The projects Andy worked on propelled him into the world of architecture during college - though he decided that doing the work was more suiting that simply drawing it. Andy has owned and operated his own business in carpentry contracting for the past 12 years and he thrives on leading projects that not only meet, but exceed the client's expectations.

Andy Braatz
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